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We welcome contributions.  If fact, that’s what we’re based on – including your voice in this movement.

This is a place for community, a collective of different people sharing their stories, what they’ve been through, and how they’ve changed as a result of their learning and experience. It’s for everyday people, professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs in search of deeper connection, resonance, and greater effectiveness.


We live in a world that is losing the ability to have non-judgemental, meaningful, powerful conversations. While technology has paved the way to communicate in real time, it’s all but erased the realness from the equation. The faster the world operates, the less time there is for connection – at home, work, or our most basic of relationships.


Conscious living is our angle and conversation our vehicle This is where people come to learn how to uncover and apply personal insights to different situations, at home, work, or in their spare time -in a more authentic, conscious, mindful way – and have it be consistent and sustainable.  If it’s not about inspiring action toward greater self-awareness in a time-crunched, fast paced, digital savvy world, then it’s probably not for us.


Be part of a movement that encourages healthy dialogue and change.  We believe people learn from one another’s authentic voice, when they witness the courage in others as they share experiences, opinions, and knowledge.


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What we look for in a writer


We want our readers to be engaged in a different and distinct way, different than what is currently available in this type of medium – through humour, storytelling, and more importantly, through personal challenges that are provocative, bold, quirky and even unorthodox. Our readers are always on the go with little time to be present to what’s in front of them in any given moment. Our readers are primarily followers of conventional wisdom, with perhaps some level of spiritual practice in private. We want writers who are able to stop people like this in their tracks. That means we’re looking for people – business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs – who see and live life differently. We’re looking for people whose approach toward life can be that spark for that someone they once were, to grow, expand, or see an old story/pattern/belief from an alternative perspective.


This is a place to create conversation. In yourself, in the reader, and in their communities. It’s not an online journal to learn the 6 secrets to a slimmer waistline. We want real people with real stories that can resonate and connect people together. We invite true voices and authentic writers – if you’re new to writing, expressing, sharing or a seasoned professional blogger – if you have wisdom and insight to share, you are welcome.


Our readers want to be happier, healthier, not to feel judged, to know it’s ok to slow down, to be able to communicate more effectively, to experience more fun and freedom, to feel more creative and free, to have better relationships and connection with others.


They want to see change in their lives and may be uncertain of where to start.  Imagine the topics and stories expressed and shared through the website are like planting seeds that we (the collective) can then help to germinate from one article to the next, week after week.  That is the intention. To help facilitate learning for others – learning about themselves and how to better engage in conversations with others and within their communities.


The navigation of The Conversation Project website is intended to help readers start their journey privately and to then test their learnings publically, with others. Over time they will develop greater courage and consciousness to how they’re engaging and impacting themselves and those around them.


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