Cellular Connection



Welcome to  Cellular Connection


We are a community of motivated women committed to leading happier, more authentic and connected lives – together.





In a world increasingly becoming more distracted, digital, and device based, we see The Cellular Connection as touching every fiber of one’s being, on a cellular level – heart, soul, mind, sex, life, business, and more – by creating and cultivating real time, heart-to-heart conversations and
We see happiness, authenticity, and connection as something personal and unique to each of us and these being intertwined with our self-worth, potential, presence and contribution in the world.




“When impacted on a cellular level, we’re less reliant on a cellular device to feel connected to others.”


We are courageous women, leaders in our businesses, in the community, and in our lives. We are a collective of wholehearted souls who want to feel seen, heard, and connected to others in ways that are not truly available when primarily communicating through technology.


We believe society’s increase on digital dependence is upsetting harmony, our creativity, and overall well-being. It’s changing how we parent, engage, love, feel happiness and feel connected.  By connecting with others on a cellular level, we increase our capabilities for personal growth, integration of new insights, skills, and strategies, and transformation of our mental and emotional well-being.


We believe women want three things in such a community:

  1. A safe environment to speak freely without judgmental perceptions, criticisms, or assumptions
  2. A respected space that believes in confidentiality
  3. A social and fun atmosphere to help relieve life’s pressures and stresses


At The Cellular Connection, we host conversational circles, experiential events, socials, workshops, networking, and professional development skill building – all in the name of inspiring action, authenticity, and belonging.




What This Isn’t This isn’t a regular group or meet up with a structured minute by minute agenda, a host and a guest speaker. Pre-set ‘Repeat’ weekly. It’s also not about participating only to build your network connections –  although this may naturally happen.  This also isn’t about introducing us to the façade wall you’ve built up around you. We’re not a group that will accept the story you keep telling yourself that keeps you down.  That well-worn format is too turn-key. Your mind expects that. Your muscle memory is comfortable with that. Answer instead the call deep in your bones. It’s your soul that wants something more.  You see, that familiar method doesn’t allow for our individual and collective creativity, collaboration, and intuition to ignite.


What This Is The Cellular Connection is facilitated by two women dedicated to inner and outer wisdom and beauty. One is a certified communications coach and brand strategist, the other, a business leader in beauty and wellness. And together, we’ll create a community of learning, support, and friendship that enriches every cell in your body during your journey to happiness, authenticity, and real connection. If you’re wanting a community to turn to for topics you struggle speaking to others about, then this is the place for you.


What To Expect Every 3rd Wednesday we host an in person Cellular Conversation. The topic for each month is based on a theme that is meaningful to your relationships, mindset, and wellness. Themes can include professional development, relationship issues, coping with life’s curve balls, overwhelm, feeling neglected by other’s digital distraction, a sense of loneliness despite your network of connections, mental wellness in your teen/self/partner, personal power and presence, spousal relationship, appearance, sex, social pressures, business growth, and more.  Check out the Events section for more details.


We’re not only about expanding our limits and boundaries. We’re also about creating a social network you can lean into. In addition to the monthly Cellular Conversation, we host separate events, workshops and socials – where we come together to mix, mingle, and morph. It’s connection, collaboration, and creation on a different level.


If you’re wanting a community to support you as life weighs you down, then join in a Cellular Conversation today!


Let go of feeling you have nobody to understand what you’re going through and that you have to do this alone. While we’re a community, we are intimate in what we create. Know that the space is safe, respectful, and trusting for you to ask for what you need and to offer others what you can.



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