A Day Off Grid

Go Off Grid For A Day  


How long have you gone without reaching for your handheld device today?  Do you bring your phone to bed? Dinner? Do you connect with people on-line while you’re in the presence of others? Have you become obsessed with taking selfies, pics of what you’re eating, or Instagramming a moment?  How about roaming your local city to capture fictitious creatures that appear on your screen?


The ease and convenience of technology helps to do more than one thing at the same time – without missing much.  How do you know what you’re missing?


One reason face-to-face conversations tend to not happen or are brief, is that as people constantly update their social media feeds, one can already see what the person has been up to. This stops people from asking.


One study showed it takes on average 23 minutes to refocus our attention after a ping, ding, whoosh, or notification from your phone.  The stats also show that 60% of 12-17 year olds are lonelier than ever, spending upwards to 10 hours a day communicating through technology.


The constant behaviour of swipe, brevity, and text message are just a few ways in which many people address matters like boredom.  As a society, we’ve become over stimulated by the variety of things to do and see with our devices, that our devices are always with arms reach.  This behaviour stops us from pausing and taking a moment to reflect and learn from our daily interactions and emotional experiences.


If you recognize this – in yourself, a family member, or friend – go Off Grid with us on the last Monday in July.  Do something different that day – go on an adventure, try a new type of cuisine, take the kids to the lake, read a book, throw a themed party, talk to neighbours, meditate, journal, or anything else that helps keep you Off Grid.



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Pledge Post

Off Grid Poster

Download the Off Grid Poster Pledge page and share what you did Off Grid. Simple jot down on the pledge page the activity you’re going off grid for. Snap a photo of you with your page and send it to us!

As people take the pledge and email it to us, we’ll add your image in the gallery, alongside other like-minded people who took time to connect with themselves and others.