The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about what matters to them most – at home, at work, while at play.  And what matters means no longer hiding, shying away, or having uncertainties around how to address uncomfortable conversations, topics, emotions, triggers, expressing your needs and desires AND respecting those of others.



The Conversation Project is about integrating one aspect of your life in with the others.

It’s about inspired, wholehearted, conscious living.



In this section, you’ll find stories and videos submitted from our global community and curated from other collective commons resources. This content is intended to spark your inner dialogue, leave you to ponder the inquiries, to create moments for reflection, and eventual greater self-knowledge and acceptance.  It’s also the place to learn how to get comfortable with the discomforts of being in healthy relationship.


You’ll also be introduced to ways to take what you’re learning about yourself and applying it to your relationships.



And don’t forget about the Create Conversation section. 

If you’re hungry to create more engagement in your life and/or are interested in participating in conversations others are creating, the Create Conversation is the section for you.  Scroll the events from across the global community and explore conversation starter suggestions.  This section will be THE hub soon enough!