The Magical Gift of Gremlins

Who Let the Saboteurs Out?


I did! Recently a dear friend and my former coach encouraged me to participate in a 30 Day Miracle Challenge by posting daily videos on Face Book about the miracles that came into my life. I loved this little experiment and I, indeed, began to see miracles every day. My first video included my definition of a miracle that explained my belief that it is a sign, a wonderful and magical experience that just shows up when we allow ourselves to show up. In essence, miracles show up when we are present and in the moment.


At the time I started this challenge I was pondering my new business and thinking about ways to promote it. I am new to entrepreneurship and I knew I needed some guidance on how to proceed. Coincidently, I was speaking with a friend who was serendipitously telling me about a new on-line platform that she was “test driving” for her business. It sounded perfect for the project I wanted to do. And, there it was right in front of me, at just the perfect time, my very first miracle of the challenge. I was so enthralled by this discovery that I started paying full attention and looking forward to finding my miracles each day. I felt like a child hunting for Easter eggs. Not only did I feel and see miracles each day, I also experienced so much synchronicity and flow that I came across a myriad of ideas and connections for my new business. That realization was a miracle in and of itself.


After eight days of discovering, savouring and posting miracles someone made an off-the-cuff comment to me about how “lame” my videos were. Instantly I felt confused and my body turned cold. I began to feel deflated, a marked difference from the way I had felt when I first started exploring the world of miracles. My previous discoveries had buoyed me, giving me a sense of clarity, vision and purpose. I even felt physically lighter in my steps and I noticed that the anxiety I was feeling about being a new entrepreneur was subsiding.


What ensued from this unsolicited comment was an amazing wake-up call. While I did not see it at first, I slowly began to realize there was a valuable lesson in this experience. The lesson would soon become a miracle. Almost immediately after hearing the criticism my saboteurs quickly jumped on the chance to shut me down! Yes, those pesky little ego-based gremlins that can’t wait to sabotage us just came flying out of the woodwork. I couldn’t believe it! I started telling myself that my miracles probably were lame and people didn’t really need to hear about things I perceived to be so wonderful. What do I know about miracles anyway? I don’t deserve to be fortunate enough to experience these signs. My saboteurs were all over me. I was emotionally high-jacked!


So, where is the learning in this story? As soon as I launched into my negative self-talk the flow stopped and the ideas just dried up! Sadly, there were no more miracles. I began to feel so many challenging emotions creeping in and I entered the world of clouded thinking and self-pity. Fortunately, I knew that I had to quiet those vexatious gremlins. So, I did what I always do when faced with similar challenges. I went to my meditation cushion and sat with the feelings. I allowed the emotions to rise to the surface, I courageously observed them and I watched them slowly fade away. I also gave myself a good talking to and I re-framed the experience. I helped myself understand that the comment was really about that person’s insecurities and negativity and not at all about me. I realized that miracles are far from lame. Instead they are wonderful, magical signs that allow us to see and feel the awe of life. They are signs that guide us and provide us with answers when we are present enough to listen. I also became aware of how I allowed my emotional high-jacking to drag me away from presence, preventing me from “showing up”.


Once I put my intruders back in their place I felt my mind, body and spirit align and my miracles began to return. It was almost instantaneous. Letting ego go and finding my way back to soul provided me with the tools I needed to continue my journey. Miraculously, I found my way back to synchronicity and flow and the ideas are, once again, spilling into every part of my life!


I now understand that this beautiful space is right there inside of us, waiting for us to sit with our saboteurs, getting to know and understand them, and then letting them go when we want to access our amazing creativity. Be still, be real and flow will follow!


Who are your saboteurs and when do you allow them to steal your synchronicity, flow and creativity?


Jackie Eldridge

Dr. Jackie Eldridge,  Entrepreneur, Executive Director, Wren Leadership.

In 2011, Jackie found her calling to create a company that is a caring space for personal and professional transformation. As a new entrepreneur whose company, Wren Leadership, Jackie is devoted to helping leaders be the best they can be. The four pillars of Wren Leadership are mindfulness, leadership, creativity and play. Jackie was an elementary school teacher for 20 years before becoming a teacher educator and university administrator for the past 16 years.  www.wrenleadership.com



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